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TRANTEX provides language training and cultural guidance for you and your staff.

Language instruction: Although it is possible to train executives effectively to use a customer's language, it takes a long time to achieve "negotiating level" competence.

Practical competence is readily achievable, however, and even a few words will bring many advantages: demonstration of a willingness to compromise, client goodwill, recognition of key words and the "gist" of proceedings or documents. It will make dealing with airports, taxis and hotels easier too!

Cultural guidance: Cultural awareness when abroad on business, or dealing with visiting clients, is a must. Deals can be clinched or squandered because of the most minor courtesies or indiscretions. It is also vital to be aware of different business practices and conventions.

This can cover everything from contractual obligations, through negotiating conventions to hosting etiquette.

Please contact TRANTEX for more information and prices for training.

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